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Search page for State-owned land available for sale or exchange to governments. Governments includes State of Michigan Departments; federal agencies, counties, townships, cities and villages. Land available to governments includes Class 2 properties with use restrictions that must remain open to the public. Complete property information is only available for lands that have been prepared for auction.
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Mineral rights may not be available on some parcels. Surface rights may not be immediately available for parcels under mineral lease.
Initially, properties are offered to governments and conservancies and are available for exchange before being offered for sale at auction. Properties not sold at auction may be re-listed for sale to any buyer at the auction minimum price. At its sole discretion the Department of Natural Resources may withdrawn properties from sale or auction at any time prior to closing.

Click on READ TERMS & CONDITIONS to review the DNR Terms and Conditions of Sale. Offers to Purchase include acknowledgement of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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