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Birds-of-Prey (Raptors)

Bald eagleEagles
Eagles are large-bodied birds with large, broad wings, short tails, and heavy, curved bills. The white head and tail of the adult bald eagle is unmistakable, but juveniles are mottled brown and white.

Red-tailed hawkHawks
Hawks come in many shapes and sizes. The commonly-seen red-tailed hawk is recognized in flight by its large body, rounded wings, and fanned red tail. Watch for them perching on trees and fence posts along Michiganís highways.

hawk: American kestrelFalcons
Falcons are streamlined birds that have long, pointed wings and fairly long tails. The blue jay-sized American kestrel (also called sparrow hawk) is the smallest American falcon. These handsome birds are commonly seen on telephone lines along roadways.

Turkey vulture


Vultures (also called buzzards) are large birds with extremely long, broad wings and no feathers on their heads or necks. The turkey vulture is easily recognized in flight by the way it holds its wings in a V-shape and glides in wide, lazy circles.


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