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American robinThrushes
Robins and other thrushes are medium-sized birds that have straight bills. Many are brown with spots or speckles on the breast, and most feed on the ground.

Yellow warbler Warblers are small birds with slender bills. Most are brightly colored and many have white tail spots and bars on their wings. Usually seen in woods and brush areas, these birds are very active, rarely sitting still for long.


Song sparrow

Sparrows have small bodies and heavy, conical bills which they use to crack open seeds and nuts. Most sparrows are various shades of brown; a few are red, yellow, or blue in color.

Downy woodpecker

Woodpeckers are recognized by their strong, pointed bills and their habit of perching upright on the sides of trees, using their tails as "kick-stands." They are most common in forests with many large, old trees.


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