Michigan Forest Products Industry



    The Michigan Forest Products Industry is made up of a comprehensive list of companies and organizations that provide products or services relating to the Forest Products Industry in Michigan.  The Directory's main page contains links to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources URL, a list of current issues, the Query Page and a group of dynamic graphs that reflect a few sample queries.   The purpose of these graphs is to give the user a general idea about the size and the content of the database the application is based upon.  The queries make use of user-provided criteria and return the companies that comply with these criteria.   The query-outputs are partitioned, if necessary, in twenty-five company segments, for clarity and optimum information- transmission speed.  Brief and detailed company profiles are available by clicking on the appropriate button.

    The user also has the option of sending to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources information regarding the Directory (new or updated).  Direct database modifications are not available for security reasons.



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  Moving Across Pages  

    All the underlined words (except those in black fonts) are links to other parts of the application - or external Web pages.  The user's browser font as well as his/her screen size and resolution affect the quantity of information that can be presented on the screen.  When space is not sufficient, scrolling bars, also known as "elevators" will appear on the bottom or the right side of the screen.   Frequently, in order to see every portion of a page, the user needs to move the scrolling bars.  This is obvious to an experienced Web Surfer but it might be confusing for others.   Use the provided on-screen-navigational links to go from page to page when performing queries.



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  Viewing the Graphs of Sample Queries  

    In order to see the sample graphs, click here.



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  Querying the Database  

    The application provides five queries:

  • Company by Location
  • Company by Products and/or Services it provides
  • Company by Species and/or Material it uses
  • Company by Equipment employed
  • General query (containing all of the above)

    By selecting one of the above queries, the user is presented with a form where information for the desired company characteristics is specified.  The information may be typed, chosen from drop-down lists, or selected from among different options.  To send the selected criteria to the search engine, the user should click on the Submit Query button, at the very bottom of each query.  The Reset button clears all criteria specified.   In some cases a Code is requested.  For example:

Material/Species Code

Code can be obtained here

    In this case the "here" link brings a five-keyword query located on the right part of the screen.  The keywords can be combined with the use of "OR" / "AND" options for additional query flexibility.  A categorized Standard Industry Code (SIC) list for all three-code categories is provided as well.  The codes, appearing in blue, derived with the use of either the keyword query or the coded categorized list should be transferred to the appropriate query field (either by selecting, copying and pasting or typed into the appropriate box in the left side of the screen).



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  Viewing Query Results  

    The companies that comply with the user-specified criteria are presented, as a numbered list, at the left half of the screen, in groups of 25.  The total number of companies retrieved appears at the left top of the list in red.  The next 25 records are available by clicking the number buttons at the bottom of the list.  If the number of companies retrieved is large, the search can be narrowed to return a list of fewer companies.

The Company Name link sends the user to the Company's brief profile.



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  Database Additions or Updates  

    The Update information form can be accessed by a link on the Query-Page.   Companies not currently included in the database should click this link in order to add their company to the database.  All the form fields are blank.  Before information can be submitted to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, three fields must be filled in: The Company Name, and the name and phone number of the person that the DNR personnel should contact for information verification.  They are both essential for determining the authenticity and activation of the submitted information.   For updating information regarding companies already in the database, the user should access a similar form available at the bottom of the Company's detailed profile (directions are available in the previous help topic).  In this case the information currently available for the company in question appears in the appropriate fields and the user can overwrite the fields with outdated or incorrect information.



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    A help button is located at the bottom of the page that brings up this page.  The user can also start over at any time with either the search screen or the code menu by clicking the code button at the bottom of the screen.



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